Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Junior Ranger Team Leader “Wants You”

Hi, I am Anthony Ray new Junior Ranger Team Leader. I am 12 years old and looking for any input from new and former Rangers.  I would like to get all Rangers to participate as we talk about  projects  we as Rangers would like to do and our plans for Spring/Summer 2010. I want to make it a great summer so let's start talking!


  1. Hi Anthony,
    I was a Junior Ranger in Tahoe and enjoyed it very much. There are lot of great projects we can do up here. I will check with other rangers I know and see what we can do,

    Jr, Ranger Blues Eye's

  2. I was a Jr, Ranger in Sparks and have been checking for up dates and will volunteer.
    Mike Blackman, Ranger name is “Cool Dog”

  3. hi, i am johnny, my ranger name was "arrowhead johnny." i was a volunteer for the junior rangers and i am on the fast track to help the environment again. i am a local volunteer who has been a volunteer in the past. i hope that the work for the spring/summer of 2010 will be the best year yet for the junior ranger.

    Jr ranger arrowhead johnny.

  4. Hi, I am Ranger “Mike the Hammerhead” out of San Luis Obispo, CA. , What’s up!
    Like to hear for other rangers from SLO town

  5. Hey Hammerhead Mike it’s me Green Thumb Willey glad your still out there. I ready for a planting day

  6. hi there junior ranger Paul other wise known as wisecrack Pauley. i was part of the junior ranger program i planted over 400 trees in
    Tahoe. The junior ranger program is the most affective way to help the enviroment. i hope the
    program will start again in the summer of 2010.