Friday, October 23, 2009

AEF Banners "helping us get the word out"

We offered a banner that people can post to their web-site and help us get the word out. The banners come in all different sizes to fit most sites. I know people generaly what to help and in tough times a donation sometimes is not in the cards. This banner idea has received positive feedback and is a way to help on a budget and we thank you so much. Check out AEF Banners


  1. Hi, I donated to have 5 trees planted and sent info to a few friends that have web-sites to add a banner. I think the banner is a good idea and a great way to help support the environment. I hope everyone joins in and we have a wave of people of all ages getting involved in the environment.
    Sandy K
    Aspen, Colorado

  2. I added the banner and glad to help, Sandy Kane